Bared. (A Green St. Girls Romance) by N.D. Jackson – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Bared. (Green St. Girls #1)Bared. by N.D. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bared is book one in the Green Street Girls Romance series by N. D. Jackson. The story was an emotionally charged drama that flowed along gracefully and dramatically. Athena and her soul sisters were ready to take on the world and falling in love was not in the cards for her. Tru comes along and rocks her to her very core. She was unprepared for all of the feelings he invoked, all that he represented and the way he wedged his way into her heart. She had her girls and her business and that was all she needed. Or so she thought.
These characters blended together well and despite their individuality, they connected very well and were a pleasure to read about. The author spun a wonderfully intricate and thought provoking tale. A fabulous introduction to the Green Street girls. An endearing story. 4 stars.

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