HOLD ME FOREVER (HERON HARBOR Book 3) by LEA NOLAN – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Hold Me ForeverHold Me Forever by Lea Nolan
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This was a beautifully well written story that truly captured my own heart and I had trouble letting go as I read through it. It showed me in truth, sometimes we lose the most precious thing we love the most and even if we truly treasure it and squeeze it as tight as we can in our hands…it still can slip through, but if its meant to be it will always find its way back to you. True love is never really gone, it just gets put on the back burner for a while sometimes. Sometimes trusting your heart is the best decision you could ever truly make.

This was a story of love that was, love that was lost, and of love that maybe was truly meant to be all along, but sometimes the irony of a second chance requires a little bit more convincing. The story followed through on Lark, whom was a great artist. I admired her she followed her passion and her dreams and got to live the live she wanted so much and be perfectly happy! Or was she? The art she paints perhaps it hides more pain and loss than she cares to let on? She was living the dream and she felt so happy, but was something inside her heart missing? She was strong willed and had her walls up, but in all honesty she knew very well one person had her heart and always would…and his name was Hunter.

Hunter was a old flame of Lark. He and Lark had a time together, and they I feel both knew it was the rea thing, Sadly, life gives you choices and you have to make decisions on what is thrown at you, and sometimes you have to gain something and lose something. That’s what had happened here. Hunter is now a police chief of the town that gave him the true love you can only hope to read about in books.

Perhaps fate had another chance though, Hunter and Lark are brought back together for the town that lit their flame, for a wedding they both had reasons to attend. Perhaps the town would re light what once was but this time keep it burning forever. Sometimes the best things in life are never easy. They take work, love, and trust, and sometimes it means trusting someone to love you and to have the power to hurt you, but in truth you are trusting them not to. True love is never really gone from the world you reside or your heart, you just have to help it as well as yourself, find a way back to one another.

Beautiful love story and well written. It truly got to my emotions and I loved it. I love small town romance novels and I love a love story that shows you even if you lose one another you can still find your way back to one another, even when it seems literally impossible. Lark and Hunter were two characters I truly felt for. They had a strong ambition in both their hearts, and yet cared for one so deeply, that they would always be there no matter what they faced, because their love was that strong. I loved seeing them re kindle what once was plus growing as a couple and as well as a person in themselves. I t was like a watching a beautiful ballet where you can hope for the best and get more than you ever expected when you get to the end. The story and the bond of the characters, were heart felt and engaging.

I truly enjoyed this book. I truly can say I will be picking up more by this wonderful author. The story was sweet, sensitive, and realistic to me. We all can face better options in life, and take a loss with it, but sometimes you go back to where you first started. Highly recommend you pick up and read this book.

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