Unbreakable (The Diamonds Book 1) by Tee Smith – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Unbreakable (The Diamonds, #1)Unbreakable by Tee Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a start in a new series for me, and I certainly got sucked in quickly with the novel and the characters. The book was so good I can not express. The story pulls you in, and holds you close, and you learn more about the characters and who they are, and you really feel for them. It was amazingly good!

Erin is the main female love interest in this book. She is a nurse and very caring as well as dutiful to her duties. She had secrets of her own, ones that only her heart knew best from all aspects. She goes day by day doing what she does best which is healing others, but what if a chance came for someone to heal her wombs’? Would she take a leap of faith or let the scars consume her?

Throw in a sexy bad boy named Ripper. He has had led quite the different life than Erin has. He has the I am better off on my own attitude, but yet he seems to feel incomplete. All changes for what he knows when these two souls interact. Ripper gets hurt, and he needs some tender loving care, and he just so happens to get this beautiful, kind hearted, and free spirited nurse named Erin.

Ripper feels something not possible. She was not what he normally would go after. Having an attraction for something real more than just a good time to feel good, is normally what he likes on his dinner plate. Erin feels something too, something she can not deny, but how? Why? Would they trust their feelings?

Ripper had nothing to give or so he felt. Yet he wanted her more than anything he ever thought he wanted or would want. He had past, that the law doesn’t speak very lightly on. He knows if Erin found out this would be the end of things he’s got going, and he knows tis a good thing….but is love really worth all this risk in the end? Things take a turn when their lives get aught in that fly swatter even more, when Erin funds out but not the way he wanted. With everything brought to light, the impossible had to be asked, is what they feel have, is it worth the pain and secrets of the past that made them who they were?

I really loved these two characters, especially when their secrets and pain were brought to the surface and they really opened up to one anther, and really allowed themselves to feel things they always wanted, but never felt inside their hearts, they truly deserved. They had found their safe haven truly, but with anything as beautiful as this love, they both knew they would have to work hard to keep it, other wise it would be gone and they would have the biggest regret ever of their lives upon them.

The author brought forth two beautiful characters, despite their scars they were beautiful in their own way. I really fell in love with them both and wanted them to get their happy ending. I will defiantly be reading the next one in this series. I can not wait to see what happens in the next book in the series!

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