Forever Valentine: A Sequel to Professor Valentine (Kirk University Series, Book 6) by Diana Vale – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Forever Valentine (Kirk University, #6)Forever Valentine by Diana Vale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first met Professor Diego Valentine and his then student Cassie in ‘Professor Valentine (Kirk University Book 1)’ so I was looking forward to ‘catching up’ with them in this novella. This was a short and enjoyable read which picks up the story one year after the couple first met and fell in love. Diego and Cassie are now officially a couple but they soon learn that not everyone around them approves of them being in a relationship as Diego is Cassie’s ex-university professor. Despite plenty of complications including Diego’s drug addicted ex wife, Cassie studying to complete her psychology degree and wanting to enjoy university life, and of course the age gap between the pair, neither regret their relationship. However the pressure is effecting them and they have to choose whether their love for one another is enough to overcome the challenges or whether they are better off apart. By telling the story from both Diego and Cassie’s view point the author made the characters come alive and I felt engaged with them. I enjoyed seeing how their relationship had developed and I like how the author has written a realistic story where the couple do have ups and downs, but there is a guaranteed HEA.

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