Kiss Me Before Flight by Thia Finn – Review by Tausha Treadway

Kiss Me Before FlightKiss Me Before Flight by Thia Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kiss Me Before Flight by Thia Finn. I loved this book. Its the story of Trident Security’s pilot Conrad “CC” Chapman who has been asked by his sister in law, Jane to help her friend, Callie, who is trying to get away from her abusive husband. Callie has been in this relationship/marriage for over 20 years and he has made her believe that she deserves nothing more. The Trident Security team is used to tackling messy situations but CC is concerned about this one because Callie is very attractive and sparks fly whenever he is near her. He doesn’t need that complication in his life. They end up sending her to a private island in the Gulf by the team. While she is there she begins helping by doing housekeeping but sparks continue to fly between her and CC. Callie’s ex will never let her go and he’s made more threats. She seems to be in more danger than ever before. Will CC be able to keep Callie safe and will they be able to let down their walls and see where their relationship might go? Read Kiss Me Before Flight to find out!

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