Return to Alpha: A New Saga Begins by Wesley Britton Review by Mandy Ott

Return To Alpha: A new saga beginsReturn To Alpha: A new saga begins by Wesley Britton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wesley Britton’s Return to Alpha: A New Saga Begins is a wonderfully imaginative and well-written story about a topic written many times before…aliens. However, Return to Alpha explores the topic in a relatively new way by connecting the aliens to Alpha-Earth by their home planets of Beta-Earth and Cerapin-Earth, Earths that exist in parallel universes to ours. Britton’s writing is easily read, flows well from thought to thought, and gives the characters a realistic quality that makes you want to know their stories. Published earlier this year, 2021, this book is eerily similar to the pandemic still sweeping across the globe presently. I look forward to reading more of Wesley Britton’s works.

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