Unsettled Scores (DAG Team Series Book 2) by Kel O’Connor – Review by Ashley Dover

Unsettled Scores: Book 2 of the DAG Team SeriesUnsettled Scores: Book 2 of the DAG Team Series by Kel O’Connor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unsettled Scores is a captivating story of danger, mystery, love, and overcoming past hurts. I really loved this book from the start to the finish.

As a member of DAG, Data Acquisitions Group, Amy Stuart has been in danger. She loves danger. As a former narcotics cop, she thrives when being faced with a for. With DAG’s primary focus on gaining data for their clients in both legal and black ops assignments, Amy loves her job.

While in the middle of both personal and professional struggles, Amy steps back from teams ops and works on a few ops that she can do independently. One of those assignments puts her back in Atlanta. She grew up in Atlanta and knows the territory and players well. However, this assignment throws her a curveball. The attorney that hired DAG captivates her attention.

After finding drugs in a ship of Joshua’s Visions show boxes, attorney Hugh Bainbridge IV requests help from DAG to discover if one of the employees is trying to smuggle drugs to the West Coast through their non-profit. He is captivated from the start with Amy Stuart. Knowing that she doesn’t desire to settle down, Hugh plays it safe with Amy.

Hugh and Amy work together to solve the mystery of the shoeboxes, but what will it cost them?

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