The Last Danann (Titanian Chronicles #2) by Victoria Saccenti-Reveiw by Amanda Kimble

The Last Danann: Titanian Chronicles 2The Last Danann: Titanian Chronicles 2 by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

The Last Danann (Titanian Chronicles Book 3) by Victoria Saccenti

This is another wonderful novel by Saccenti. The Last Danann is a great read and I can’t wait for the next one. Titanian Chronicles is a great series.

Kailen is a great friend of Soren and we got to meet him in the last book. He is the last Danann and isn’t sure if he’s ever going to find his mate. The quote I chose for Kailen is: “No thanks are necessary, Lord.”

Talaith doesn’t want to feel emotions for Kailen but she does. When her Master shows up and tells her that he may or may not send her on a new mission. The quote I chose for Talaith is: “I left when he started grilling her. Maya is no one’s fool, and with Soren’s mind-to-mind guidance, she won’t be tricked into revealing the Simurgh lightning.”

Highly recommended for Mythology lovers.

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