The Last Danann (Titanian Chronicles, Book 3) by Victoria Saccenti – Review by Emily Beehler

The Last Danann: Titanian Chronicles 2The Last Danann: Titanian Chronicles 2 by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! This story gripped me from the beginning. The Last Dunann is a story that is part of the Titanian chronicles which focuses on two lovers; Kailen and Talaith.. This book has well written out world building, and the author does well in explaining the many different supernatural’s that are in this book. I thought the book flowed very well and could tell that the author had a specific story she wanted to get across to her audience through Kailen and Talaith. Speaking of the characters, I enjoyed the love story between the two. Kailen who is the Last Dunann experienced great loss which affected him as the years went by. He felt as love could never be reached by him, and he came to accept this ideology. However, Talaith, a powerful sorceress with very rare magic, sees Kailen and immediately understands that he is hers, and that she will change his mind about love and that he is capable of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of this book and can’t wait to continuing reading Ms. Saccenti’s work!

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