Mountains Loved (Mountains Series #3) By Phoebe Alexander – Review by Jenni Bishop

Mountains Loved (Mountains #3)Mountains Loved by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mountains Loved (Mountains Series Book 3) by Phoebe Alexander is a story that is full of many, many raw emotions. There were many times when I wanted to grab hold of James and strangle him, I just couldn’t believe him, but I should have known better after the first two books. This is not a book of rainbows and unicorns as we would have believed after the last book. This book gives us a look at a relationship that is real and lacking in communication, sometimes love is not enough. It also gives a look at how dangerous it is if you allow others into your relationship.

Sarah, gets put through the wringer with this book and she does it all selflessly for the man she loves. Unfortunately, she has to do a lot of it on her own and she doesn’t know where she will end up. My heart broke in half for her as Phoebe gave us an honest and raw story.

James wants his cake and eat it too and expects that Sarah will just go along with it. He is selfish and can’t see her side of things even though many show him, but it is hard to take a good long look at yourself sometimes. I’m not sure if he can redeem himself with me…….

I can’t wait to see where Phoebe takes us next. I am assuming we will get more of a look at Abby, but you never know.

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