Broken Chains by Karina Kantas- review by Micalah Weatherholtz

Broken ChainsBroken Chains by Karina Kantas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Broken Chains was such an intense, nail biting ride to the finish. I would definitely include some trigger warnings as this is not a book for anyone who has issues with rape, abuse in a few different forms, and death, nor would it be a good book for anyone under the age of 18. In the beginning you are introduced to a girl named “Liz” or Elizabeth. She is enthralled by the CIA, M15, the FBI, and what it takes to become an agent. She really wants to know is it really like the tv shows say it is ? So she starts to stake out the M15 headquarters for research on a book she is hoping to write. So she stages some things to see how much attention they really pay to their surroundings. Things really start to become real when she is kidnapped by M15 and gets to experience interrogation first hand. After being let go and returning home she is visited by an agent who, of course they already know everything about her, prods her to join M15 as an agent. Given her solitary lifestyle and skill set he thinks she would be great. That’s when everything spirals out of control for Liz. I had a hard time with the first half of the book, almost up to the point she meets Marco, and then there is that “insta love” to contend with, but once I did the book really began to smooth out and I just could not stop reading! At first I felt confused and a little jerked back and forth then slapped in the face and pulled out of the story. The author seemed to want to portray Liz as this strong, independent woman but I didn’t get the “independent” vibe from her except at the beginning. She was absolutely a strong woman or she would not have been able to endure the things she went through. I was absolutely rooting for her! Overall this was a great book! I truly enjoyed reading it, I did finish it in a day and a half lol. This is my first book by this author and I would absolutely like to read more from her.

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