Check In (Bobbins Sisters Series Book 2) by Debra Parmley- Review by Lauren West

Check InCheck In by Debra Parmley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 2 of the Bobbins Sisters series, and I enjoyed it. It had a great flow to it, and Leann was a sweet girl. First book gave her kind of a wild feel, and this book we really get to see her in another light.
The book reflects Leann starting a new job at a bank, and coincidently dating a gorgeous police officer. She tends to be more in tune to her surroundings, and her new bf is attentive and checks in consistently. When a robbery takes place at her new job things really become intense and we get to see all Leann has learned and get a glimpse of her man in blue in action.
This book was light and fun, but still had the drama and suspense.

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