Dead Sound (Things Unseen Series Book1) by Anise Eden – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Dead Sound (Things Unseen, #1)Dead Sound by Anise Eden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This novel, was amazing from start to finish! I had read other works by this gifted author, but this one truly had me under its spell. I was hooked and even rattled at times, I could not find a reason to put it down, one more chapter always turned into, well, I need more answers, it was so darn good!\

There was a lot of appeal for me and this novel. I found it haunting at times with a suspense that kept on building as I had read on through! Honestly I did not expect how much it had made a clear mind think, there was things that came to question I would not get normally in a suspenseful novel. I did very much welcome it though! This was a suspenseful thriller set to do with politicians, that was unlike any other!

Neve was wonderful, her characterization was through the roof of being exceptional! I really connected with her, in ways more less that one would not think or believe. The supporting characters were wonderful as well, and a true aid to the story. The whole plot was gripping, and watching it unfold, well it was better and more shocking than I had even hoped for! This was extremely well done!

I could not honestly get enough of this book. The story keeps you in suspense, and the romantic side was a very nice realistic touch as well. It was just so good, I could not put it down, in the sense of , I kept wanting more! I highly recommend this suspenseful thriller, seriously, not one to be past up!

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