The Heart of a Hussar (The Winged Warrior Series Book 1) by Griffin Brady – Review by Lorrene Huisman

The Heart of a Hussar (The Winged Warrior, #1)The Heart of a Hussar by Griffin Brady
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was amazing, from start to finish truly. I could not get enough of this wonderful, well written novel. The story gave a lot to myself as the reader, it was very easy to envision and I felt at times I was living through the story along with the characters, it was one that surely shouldn’t be missed for a read!

I loved this story, as realistic as it was it was nothing short of giving epic exposure, and characters you could not help, but truly love. The story gave much excitement and a adventure that to me was unlike any other. A lot was happening at times, that only lead onto the next it seems! All made the story and the contrast along with the characters what it was, amazing read, and truly a mind sweeping novel!

A strong appeal I had from this book, was the historical side. It made me feel as if I was alive in that time frame or time line. The visions my mind was able to create from reading, was truly amazing. The characters nicely added to, there was emotions I felt as I read about them, and they truly filled my heart with thoughts and feelings as I read. It was a beautiful novel, that I did not want to let go of! I certainly will be reading the next installment, and I can not wait to see what unfolds in the next one!

If your someone who wants a grand adventure, and beautifully fine detail, then I know you will love this one. The author is truly very gifted with their writing, and they really made the story and the plot come to life in different ways! I loved this story so much! Read it! Its a super high recommendation from me!

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