Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery) by Merissa Racine – Review by Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery)Shadows of Doubt by Merissa Racine
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Lauren is a struggling Stenographer who becomes desperate for free lance work. She ends up taking a job with her ex husband and she dreads the very idea working for him. A job is a job though, so she pushes through. She is reporting on the biggest murder trail in the town, but it’s not her job to prove a man’s innocence. Against her own judgment she starts looking into the case a bit more. She ends up discovering things about her past that she wishes she hadn’t. Will she be able to prove who the real killer is? Will the real killer find her before she has a chance to save the man on trial? Her search has put many people in the line of fire and with a second death, she knows she’s running out of time. Will she put a stop to killer or will the killer put a stop to her! If you like mystery crime thrillers you have got to read this set! I haven’t read to many myself, but I will now! I hope for a book three!!

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