Spoilsport (Pierce Brothers Book 2) by Belinda Williams- Review by Lauren West

Spoilsport (Pierce Brothers, #2)Spoilsport by Belinda Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 2 in the Pierce Brothers series, and we get to watch another brother fall hard. Belinda Williams knows her way around romantic comedy, and this book will definitely having you smiling, laughing, and cheering through to the end.

Nadia was unexpected. You truly feel for her and the emotional baggage she holds regarding her parents toxic marriage and messy divorce. She was very jaded about love and relationships with a determination to never let that sentimental 4 letter word break her. She was a hard character to love and connect with in a sense. However there were many times I adored her, wanted to yell at her, shake her, or just hug her with the way she had my emotions going lol. Eventually I warmed up to her character, and I was rooting for her. Luke was sweet, lovable, and a great father. He saw past Nadia’s cold exterior, and saw the beautiful and amazing woman she was.
When Nadia and Luke reconnect because her house is in dire need of a little TLC it becomes Luke’s chance to get his girl. Opposites truly attract as he pushes her outside her comfort zone and we are pulled into their many cheesy moments adorned with playful banter. Nadia is determined to keep her heart and distance from Luke even with the daily close encounters. The miscommunication and the tension runs high, but deep down they are both aware that the one night stand they had would never ben enough. Luke wants his next love story to be the works, and he wants it with Nadia. A dream home is not truly a house without a family, and this story really brings you home.

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