The Mating Call (Long Claw Pride Book 1) by Brooke May – Review by Lorrene Huisman

The Mating CallThe Mating Call by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thus was a enjoyable, no an amazing read. I loved the how the females in the story appeared to be very strong minded and more of the dominant and struck me more as the alphas than the male at certain times which was a main contribute to the book. Fast read for me, and truly loved it! Freaking amazing story!

This story was a shape shifter book, so of course I had to pick this one up, as I love all those type of stories, this one truly delivered and then some! It was more of shifters meeting and drama with their romance. The story had action and the drama, and love that can go deeper than the grass on a night with a moon being your light! I personally loved the drama side with Cheyenne and her siblings, as they are lion shifters and they are selected for mates, they worry as how their father was. I did not expect that part of the story to come into play, it was a good addition that added to the story and developments of the characters, Cheyenne was for sure my favorite, she changed more than her form, was very admirable!

Cheyenne and Lane, were awesome characters, especially when put together on the same page. I loved Lane almost as much as i admired Cheyenne. For me, though they were each other’s chosen mate. They struck me as a very realistic couple, I mean life is no fairy tale, and you have to go though a lot to get to that happy ending. Again, this is where the character development of Cheyenne really comes into play, from her development with her heart, her trust, and allowing herself to care and more, especially from the trauma she endured. I was hooked with this book, finished it quickly, and I still long for more!

As I have made clear the writing was amazing, and I really loved how the story went about and how all things came together. I did love truly the female lions and how strong they were, they were no easy prey to say for sure! The ways of pack was an interesting thing to learn about, and I enjoyed seeing how things went about with all things that contributed to the story! Amazing, fun and a good read. A must read!

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