Embracing Jared (Thrill of the Chase, #3) by Anna Paige – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Embracing Jared (Thrill of the Chase, #3)Embracing Jared by Anna Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book, Embracing Jared was such a great read. This book had me feeling so many different emotions. It was a very emotional read. Jared has his father Mr. Christopher in a home where he gets around the clock care and he donates a very large sum to the facility. When Jared decided he must go visit to find out why this nurse Madison is. It following his directions he is knocked on his behind. He overhears Cookie in his dads room singing to him and treating him amazingly. He soon finds out that Cookie and Madison is one in the same. No one cares for his dad like Madison has and he will stop at nothing to keep his dad happy and as healthy as can be.
Jared is a big time rockstar and basically has everything as his disposal. A lot happens in this book and makes you feel happy, sad and everything in between.
I definitely recommend this book if your in the mood for a sweet, emotional read.

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