Rebecca Steele Living the Dream (Rebecca Steele series Book 3) by Joanne Patterson – Review by Angela Hayes

Rebecca Steele Living The Dream (The Rebecca Steele series Book 3)Rebecca Steele Living The Dream by Joanne Patterson
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4 Stars


Rebecca Steele Living the Dream is the third and final book in The Rebecca Steele series by Joanne Patterson. This is a sweet western romance- full of emotion, challenges, family, and dramatic developments.
This book follows on from the previous two, and as such, I highly recommend reading the other books before starting on this one as the previous books contain important character information, back story, and other relevant details that will help you to better appreciate this story, as well as the series, as a whole.
I have enjoyed this series, so finding this book is the final instalment made it a bit of bittersweet experience. Finding out how Rebecca’s story concludes was a bit of an emotional ride- the author didn’t make things easy for her- she was tested with new challenges that impacted everything she held dear. What happens makes for an emotional, angsty, and yet heartwarming read.
Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Patterson does next.
Happy reading!

Thank you, Joanne Patterson!


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