Red’s Peril Part 1: The making of an MC Prez (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter) by Manda Mellett – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

Red's Peril Part 1: The Making of an MC Prez (Satan's Devils MC Vegas #1)Red’s Peril Part 1: The Making of an MC Prez by Manda Mellett
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Oh what a book! I have read a few Satan’s Devils MC books, but I have never before gotten such an intriguing and thorough look into a main character before. Seeing through Red’s eyes, from his life before Satan’s Devils and then through it was such an enjoyable ride. Though there was not a romance as the main plot, the book was not lacking in spice either. The plot twist at the end was hinted at, but still unexpected. All this resulted in me staying up way past my bedtime to not only finish this book, but start the next! I also really love how it touches on diversity, which was a pleasant surprise for a motor cycle club book! I love diverse representation, but have not come to expect it from this genre. Needless to say, this author has risen to be one of my very favorites and I fully intend to not only read all Satan’s Devils MC books, but anything else by her!

If you are looking for action, spice, plot twists, a bit of mystery, close found family bonds, and great problem solving, definitely give this book a try. It does touch on some happenings in some of the other Satan’s Devils MC books, so if you are a purist in your reading order, I would start from the beginning. If not, you will spoil some surprises along the way. Whichever way you read this series, the important thing is that you read it! I feel like by now, all the Satan’s Devils members have become some of my closest friends, though fictional, haha.

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