States of Grace (Grace Locke Mystery Series) by Mandy Miller – Review by Karyn Taylor

States of GraceStates of Grace by Mandy Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I read this book I had no idea that it was the author’s debut novel. It was only by looking at a few other reviews before writing my own that I discovered this and it makes me admire the author even more. This is a really great piece of writing that I would have assumed was from a seasoned author.
Grace is a fascinating character. She an attorney who is really down on her luck. After losing her leg in active service she then became addicted to painkillers and alcohol, resulting in a DUI, which in turn led to her losing her job as an assistant state prosecutor and the end of her marriage. Could anything else go wrong in her life?
The book is a bit of a slow burn to start with but does pick up pace and soon has you on a dangerous journey full of twists and turns as Grace tries to prove the innocence of teenager Zoe who has been charged with murder and all the evidence points to her being guilty. Can grace prove that she is innocent? Or is she innocent?
This really was a compelling read and I was totally engrossed in it and did not want to put it down. Definitely recommend.

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