The Heart of a Hussar (The Winged Warrior Series Book 1) by Griffin Brady – Review by Jennifer Gordon

The Heart of a Hussar (The Winged Warrior, #1)The Heart of a Hussar by Griffin Brady
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderfully written historical novel set in Poland during the early 17th-century. This is the first book in, ‘The Winged Warrior Series’ featuring Jacek Dąbrowski, a young Polish lieutenant in the Hussar’s, an elite cavalry unit, who is determined to protect his country. In 1610, in Muscovy, Jacek just wants to be recognised for his valour but instead he has earned the animosity of his Captain. He is also hoping that his recent promotion will help him secure his own lands. However, when Jacek rescues a young woman and her brother from being slaughtered, the consequences are grave. Having determined that Oliwia and her brother have no family and are not Russian enemies he escorts them back to the castle in his homeland. Meanwhile, the rivalry with his Captain grows and becomes more dangerous.

Jacek has always put his duty as a Hussar first, but that was before he met Oliwia, now he just hopes that he can survive the hidden schemes and keep her safe. This was a real page turner, with an enjoyable and exciting storyline, plenty of action, vivid combat scenes, and of course romance. I was hooked from page one and the plot twists kept me guessing until the cliff hanger ending! The descriptive narrative really brought both the era and the setting to life and the historical details made me feel as though I was back in the 17th-century. The author has obviously done her research and knows the era well, I learnt about the Hussars and a part of history I knew little about whilst still feeling fully immersed in the story. The fast paced narrative and engaging storyline kept me happily turning the pages and I look forward to reading the second novel and continuing with Jacek and Oliwia‘s story.

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