A Hundred Wishes (Band of Sisters) by Marianne Rice – Review by Lorrene Huisman

A Hundred Wishes (Band of Sisters)A Hundred Wishes by Marianne Rice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a good feeling type of book, I had a lot of fun reading it, and enjoyed how things progressed and took place. The two main characters had their pasts, and their presents. What they needed though was their future. Perhaps it was right there staring them in the eye, and they both just had to embrace it?

This was actually a first time author read for me in all honesty, but I really enjoyed the descriptive senses for my sensory the author had used. It was like an art masterpiece, no spot or feeling went unlooked at, or in this case felt. It was beautiful and had the emotions associated as well. The story was a masterpiece being painted as the story went on, I could not help but love Gina and Bryce, They were two souls you really wanted to find their own happiness, and be to basically be happy. Loved them!

Something that I enjoyed in this book that is a bit different from other romance books I have read and enjoyed, was the fact that the characters had scars that were so vivid you could feel them for yourself. They were there, they hid them, yes, but when they surfaced, they were impacting. You felt every hardship, pain, and tear in those words written on the papers. It was real and powerful

This author is really amazing with her writing, and I could not put this one down at all. It was a book I just wanted to spend all day reading and well enjoying to say the least. Do not pass up this author or this amazing series, both are a very high and strong recommendation from me for sure. I will defiantly be reading more by this wonderful author, as well as the prior books in the series and new ones to come.

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