Apocalypse Thoughts (The Pox Series Book 5) by Kendra Griffin – Review by Audrie Harrington

Apocalypse ThoughtsApocalypse Thoughts by Kendra Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, I LOVED this book! There were many similarities to the world we are living in right now which made it interesting and also a little nerve wracking. A pandemic hits the United Stated and Kella, Huck, and Jumper need to get CDC data north to help save the mutations. So they start hiking the Appalachian Trail. I loved the characters and their personalities! Kella writes in log books and draws fun stick figure drawings while trying to figure out who she is. Her brother Huck is on the spectrum and compares the hike and their world to a video game with constant chatter and updates. They meet up with other survivors and hike and hike. The setting is described in great detail, the characters have great traits and personalities, and the twists and turns are constant. I LOVED this book and read way too late into the night hoping I wouldn’t have nightmares about “hyenas” coming after me!

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