Apocalypse Thoughts (The Pox Series Book 5) by Kendra Griffin – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Apocalypse ThoughtsApocalypse Thoughts by Kendra Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Apocalypse Thoughts is the second book in the Pox Series, but can definitely be read as a standalone. It’s set in a world which was recovering from a smallpox-based global pandemic, but then was hit by a new and deadlier wave. The story follows a quest through the Appalachian Trail, narrated by unlikely heroine Kella whose main goal is keeping her brother alive.
Kella’s brother, Huck, is my favourite character. He’s neurodivergent and brings a great perspective to things with coping mechanisms such as using video game metaphors to make sense of the situation they’re in, and entertaining everyone by retelling the entirety of the MCU. I like that Kella and Huck stand up for each other, even when they’re often frustrated with each other as well.
This is definitely not an escapist book for readers wanting to forget about COVID for a bit. But that said, it’s a chance to explore somewhere new from the safety of your home, and will make you grateful that at least we don’t have to deal with zombies!
I would recommend this for teen and young adult readers – it gets quite gory and violent at times so would not be suitable for younger readers. Many of the characters have experienced the loss of someone close to them – parents, siblings, grandparents – and at times they discuss how this has affected them.
This book gets five stars from me! It’s great if you’re looking for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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