Savage Secrets: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Mafia Elite Book 4) by Amy McKinley – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Savage Secrets (Mafia Elite, #4)Savage Secrets by Amy McKinley
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Elena Caruso is a beautiful young woman who is running away from her past so that she can keep herself and those she loves safe from harm and for a while it has worked, that is until one day when she receives a communication from someone saying that she has been found. Marco La Rosa is the boss of a branch of the La Rosa family, one of the Five Mafia Families in Chicago and he is as handsome as he is deadly, but the one thing that he has wanted disappeared from his life, but just when he thought he had come to terms with that, she pops back up on his radar and he will do anything to find her.

As Elena starts off her daily routine, she goes through the motions of her life while making sure that there is nobody following or watching her, just like she has done everyday since she left behind everything she knew, she enjoys what she has created for herself. However, as she returns from her morning run, she notices that she has missed calls, assuming it is her boss, she waits until she is back in her apartment, but when she finds that it is the communication she always dreaded receiving, she starts to panic and goes to her plan b, grabbing her pre-prepared bag and everything else she might need, she gets ready to leave the apartment, that is until someone starts banging on her door. It is at this moment that she knows it is too late and that all she can do now is fight her way out, but when she opens the door to an unexpected guest, her brain misfires completely, he is more handsome than ever and all her feelings towards him she tried to suppress rush back in an instant.

Marco has just found out where the love of his life has been since she disappeared and he leaves to retrieve her the first opportunity that he can and when she opens the door and he finally sees her in front of him, it takes his breath away, just like before, however, now she is a woman and does it on a whole new level. When their eyes meet across the threshold, Elena tries to get round him and after grappling for a bit she flees and he has to use every ounce of speed he has to keep up with her. Elena knows she can’t fight Marco, so she does what she does best and manages to get away, but she knows that he will be right on her tail, so she knows the area she has been living in to her advantage and nearly manages to escape, that is until she runs into another assailant who pulls a gun on her and by the sounds of his accent, he is one of the Russian Bratva and the other Mafia she has been running from all her life. As a standoff ensues, Marco rounds a corner to the scene and when Elena is injured, he sees red and kills the man responsible, quickly followed by scooping her into his arms, taking her to safety and looking after her until he can take her home.

Will Elena and Marco be able to overcome the hurdles between them and keep her safe from the dangers which are quickly closing in on her, or will they be ripped apart by circumstance again? This is a brilliant second chance mafia romance filled with danger, secrets, revelations, hard truths and harder choices as two worlds collide in a fiery and violent chain of events, as you are whirled around in the undercurrent of the lives of the Five Families while trying to keep your head above water at the same time as those inhabiting it.

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