Slick Running (Satan’s Devils MC #3) AUDIO BOOK by Manda Mellett – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

Reading about the Satan’s Devils MC at this point is like reading about family. This book has everything you have come to love from this MC: steamy romance, passionate and all consuming love, to get to her you have to go through me, and a found family that will die without hesitation for the ones they love. Sure, they are cocky, huge, strong, bikers that walk just outside of the law, but thy are all little cuddly puppies on the inside. Slick had his ego hurt, and his heart damaged. Now, months later, it seems his pass hurt is making a come back. That together with loved ones in the hospital is a lot for him to carry. Ella has her own deep wounds, making it difficult for her to ask for help. But when circumstances don’t seem to be something she can fix, she gathers her strength and reaches out to the only people who can help, even if its the last thing shes prepared to do. Seeing Ella’s strength as she finally starts to really heal and tear her walls down made this story so close to my heart. Its filled with raw emotion, and deep trauma that can be hard to read about. It also contains graphic violence, explicit sexual content, child sexual abuse, and other triggers, so definitely check the trigger warnings. All that being said, if you dont feel the triggers are too much, pick up this series! The story can be read as a stand alone, but I would recommend picking the series up from the beginning as there are things that are referenced in this book, that happened in the ones before, and you will appreciate the characters so much more. This author has become and auto read for me! If you like strong emotional and passionate romance and are a fan of shows like Sons of Anarchy, PICK THIS BOOK UP!

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