Unchained Memory: Interstellar Rescue Series Book 1 by Donna S. Frelick – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Unchained Memory (Interstellar Rescue, #1)Unchained Memory by Donna S. Frelick
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Asia Burdette is a woman who has experienced a lot of loss in her life, first she lost three hours of her life which she has tried to remember, but failed at every attempt and because of these three lost hours, Asia lost everything else she cared about and now she is using drugs and alcohol to keep the nightmares caused by this at bay. As she tries to hold down her job and live a normal life, she enlists the help of a psychiatrist to try and help her to come to terms with the event of her past which has so entirely destroyed her, he comes highly recommended, but she is doubtful that he will able to help. Ethan Roberts is a psychiatrist with a haunted past, although he doesn’t stop him from helping others, he still carries round the weight of his past and cannot seem to let it go.

The moment that Asia Burdette walks into Ethan Roberts’s office, he knows that he is in trouble, she is beautiful and smart, but he can see how the lack of sleep thanks to the nightmares have begun to affect her on a day to day basis however, as the treatments starts, he asks her to try something different in the way of therapy and after a few sessions, she realises that she is actually feeling better, but the entire way through the sessions she has been trying to ignore how she feels about Ethan.

Meanwhile, Ethan is under pressure from a colleague to update them about Asia’s progress, he has also been trying to suppress his feelings for Asia, however, when they embark on a necessary journey together, something has to give and that is the barriers between them, but they face more than just an emotional battle when they are attacked by black ops operatives and nearly kidnapped, but as they dig deeper into the mystery of Asia’s lost hours and the new nightmares she is experiencing that makes and how they don’t make any sense, but seem so real, they discover more than they bargained for.

Will Asia and Ethan be able to band together to solve this mystery which her nightmares unveil, or will their pasts be their undoing? In this thrilling extra-terrestrial race against the enemy, will their budding romance be strong enough to fight for each other, or will the opposition get to them before they even have a chance to try?

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