Wild Hare’s Daughter (Wild Hares) by Laura Koerber – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Wild Hare's DaughterWild Hare’s Daughter by Laura Koerber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not one who strays at all from reading this amazing author, I always find myself hooked so easily in any of their books they write, they know how to keep the reader interested, and really pull you into the world of the story. I loved the flow of this one, there was tons of surprises ​down this rabbit hole to say the least.

I think I can speak for just about any of us that to our family there is a lot of questions sand self wonder. In this one we follow the foot prints that lead our heroine to he truth of her family and what was, and perhaps even what is. I was astounded as I read through, and especially as things got exposed to say and come to the light. The tale was gripping and full of amazement at every turn. This was a book I could not stray from, and honestly very enjoyable. I would say one of my top ones by this wonderful author. Truly not an author or book to be passed up!

Again, I am a true fan of this author. I enjoy their books always as they are all different I a special way. This one by fa, really excelled and fascinated me in a new light. Seriously read this one! Highly recommend this book and author, defiantly!

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