The View from Here by Leon Stevens – Review by Lorrene Huisman

The View from HereThe View from Here by Leon Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a book, not to be passed up in any form or shape at all! I found the adventure astounding in more ways than one. The descriptive techniques by the author really created a visual masterpiece I really enjoyed how the story flowed, with the author’s technique and making the story come to life!

I am someone as much as Thomas I would say, who loves to go on the adventure of a nature walk, but I like him, would not expect anything more to come of it. What happened to him was visually amazing and something beyond his eyes and mind I would say. I loved the adventure itself, what he got experience was something that an experience for the reader as well, visually speaking. I loved how things flowed from that moment on and what happened and what Thomas got to experience. Breathtaking book, I could not put this one down. It was a book I will not forget reading. When I concluded it, I felt very much at peace, and full of amazement with visual images soaring through my mind! Loved it!

A very impressive author in writing I would say! Highly recommend this thrilling adventure and this very creative author as well. Both are very high on my recommendation list! Truly a treat, and not one that should even be considered to be past up. The book takes you on a journey, that is far beyond the far corners of your imagination. Loved this beautiful book and for all it contained!

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