ConQuest: The Art of Selling at Cons by Megan Mackie – Review by Ashley McMillon

ConQuest: The Art of Selling At ConsConQuest: The Art of Selling At Cons by Megan Mackie
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I was surprised in a great way while reading this book. The author does her very best and succeeds at keeping you entertained! I felt very intrigued by every step and care for detail and now feel more knowledgeable and prepared to write and present a book! Not only did the author prepare you to present a book at various Cons, she helped you learn how to properly market yourself, your book, your table, and all with example photos as well. Every step of the way, a do and a don’t is given. I feel as if this is helpful in every area, whether you need to get your book sold, or if you need to get ready for the next job interview. There are many hidden skills that help you to know how to make your product stand out in a crowd! I was excited to read about each level of con, and where you will take too many chances, and when it is worth the money. Great tips. Very well written and entertained me all the way through! Quick yet informative read.

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