The Billionaire’s Slave by Stacy-Deanne – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

The Billionaire's Slave by Stacy-DeanneThe Billionaire’s Slave by Stacy-Deanne by Stacy-Deanne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was a little apprehensive going into this as I was wary of the master-slave dynamic during this time period. What I found, however was a beautiful love story. Master Falcon has absolutely no issue going against the norm and calling out how others opinions of right and wrong don’t align with his. Penny gives off the vibe that she is young and naïve, but she is clear with what she wants, and knows more that she is given credit for. The love story itself was very spicy and beautiful. It had me invested from the beginning and rooting for true love to win out above all else! There were some parts that were hard to read, and some very close calls. Check your trigger warnings, but definitely give this book a shot. I will be looking into more books by this author for sure.

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