The Traveler (The Traveler, Book 1) by Deborah Dugan – Review by Kerry Carr

The Traveler: Book 2The Traveler: Book 2 by Deborah Dugan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book 2 in the Traveler series. I highly recommend reading the first book before this one so you get to appreciate the Travelers story. The author does an amazing job bringing this story to life with the descriptions of the world and the thoughts and feelings the Traveler experiences.
The Traveler is an ancient being who travels the universe. After each stasis period the Traveler becomes someone else and experiences life in a different way. When the Traveler awakens in this story he feels hope but that soon changes with the circumstances and experiences that the Traveler goes through. After feeling like a lifeless being for so long how will he cope in a living world. Not only that how will the Traveler cope with these overwhelming feelings of despair and helplessness.

This story is very deep and moving. You feel every emotion that the Traveler does which makes you feel so connected to the character.

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