Apocalypse (Guardians Book II) by Theresa Pocock – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Apocalypse (Guardians Book II)Apocalypse by Theresa Pocock
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Seth is a young man who has some unresolved issues he needs to sort through, he still cannot believe how Miriam stole his memories and then never admitted to it and the trust which she broke in the process. He also struggles with his feelings for Miriam and the way they swing in between the extremes but betrayal is the one he feels most sharply. Meanwhile, Miriam is also struggling with her sentiments towards Seth and his strange way of life before he came to the garden, but she has no regrets as such, about what she had to do to keep the Garden and it’s people safe.

Seth now has to plan his own betrayal now that the Jones’s have become involved, his life just became a whole heap more complicated, but his brain still wars against his heart. Miriam however is placing more and more trust in Seth and is conflicted about whether this is based on more than just teenage whims. However, Peter has no such conflicted feelings, he cannot trust Seth and knowing what he knows, he has to make some hard decisions about the people around him and who he can trust with it, especially when he has the feeling that he is part of something much bigger than just the garden.

Will Seth be able to carry through on his betrayal and what will it cost him? Will Miriam be able to follow he heart and trust Seth and will Peter be able to pluck up the courage to follow his Nature wherever and to whom it leads? This is a fantasy adventure filled with intrigue, secrets, betrayal and revelations, as choices are made and consequences realised in this world of two halves.

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