Bella: An Appalachian Love Story & Jagged Dawn: Logan’s Beginnings by Valerie Davisson – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Bella-An Appalachian Love Story & Jagged Dawn-Logan's BeginningsBella-An Appalachian Love Story & Jagged Dawn-Logan’s Beginnings by Valerie Davisson
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As a fan of the ‘Logan McKenna Mystery series’ I was intrigued to read these two companion stories, which are a prequel to the series. In the first novella the storyline is set in the Appalachian hills, over fifty years ago, and we are introduced to Logan’s great grandmother, Norah and Giovanni. Giovanni is a young Italian immigrant who is skilled at making hand crafted violins and he creates his masterpiece, Bella. Bella becomes a treasured family heirloom that is handed down through the generations and will eventually be given to Logan.

In the second short story, we are introduced to Logan but in a period of her life before that in the series. Logan’s storyline begins in the final days before the fatal accident where she will loose both her husband, and her comfortable illusions. This is the start of her reinventing herself and the beginning of her adventures. I was gripped by both wonderfully written stories and the descriptive narrative brought the settings vividly to life, especially that of the Appalachian hills.

Norah and Giovanni were likeable and relatable characters, and theirs was a real love story which I felt completely immersed in. The second storyline gives a much more in-depth backstory to Logan, which made me understand her character better, and therefore I feel more engaged with her. I look forward to reading more of Logan’s adventures as she investigates mysteries in future books in the series.

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