The Prisoner of the Dead (Dead World Book #1) by Megan Mackie – Review by Angela Hayes

The Prisoner of the Dead: Zombie Thriller Dystopia (Dead World Book 1)The Prisoner of the Dead: Zombie Thriller Dystopia by Megan Mackie
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5 Stars


The Prisoner of the Dead is the first book in the Dead World series by the ever talented Megan Mackie. I never bother reading the blurb to any of Ms. Mackie‘s books before rushing to one-click myself a copy, because I already know that whatever it is I will LOVE it. And this book was no exception- hello zombie apocalypse among dystopian themes- with action, thrills, mystery, dramatic developments, immortals, fantastic worldbuilding, survival, plague outbreak, zombies vs humans, and so much more I can’t possibly list it all here without spoiling the story for you.
As expected from Ms. Mackie she didn’t just write another ‘zombie’ story- she has cleverly given the zombie apocalypse trope a good shake up by adding her own original spin to it- and thereby breathing fresh ‘life’ into the genre (pun intended 😊). I shouldn’t be surprised- but she really does amaze me each and every time she releases a new story- as she always manages to weave in the unexpected, keeping me glued to the pages full of anticipation at what is or might happen.
A completely engrossing start to an exciting new series…. I really can’t wait to see where we go from here!
Highly recommended!
Happy Reading!

Thank you, Megan Mackie!


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