Finding Melodie and The Wedding Special Boxset by Laura Rossi – Review by Christie Mitchum

Melodie Boxset (Melodie #1-2)Melodie Boxset by Laura Rossi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Melodie and The Wedding Boxset by Laura Rossi was an enjoyable romantic comedy! It was an entertaining romance and the perfect blend of sweetness and spice with some really great humor sprinkled throughout the book.

Can I just say how much I loved our heroine, Melodie, aka Pixie! She really was like a magic fairy who sprinkled magical dust into the lives of those she loved and cared about. Her quirkiness and happy outlook complemented good guy, Isaac, aka Office Boy. I loved how she helped him remember the joy of living and how he gave her the security and trust she craved.

The first book, Finding Melodie, tells the tale of how Melodie and Isaac fell in love. It’s somewhat a friends-to-lovers and fake relationship romance. The story itself is sweet with some dashes of spice. The book opens with her telling us how she has been crushing on Issac or as she calls him, Office Boy, for many months. When he acknowledges her for the first time, it isn’t in the way she was hoping. However, she doesn’t realize at the time that this is the first step towards her own HEA.

The second book, The Wedding, opens with their engagement and not long after, Melodie, meeting his parents which is quite memorable and hilarious. Let’s just say our Pixie’s magic dust does not work with Isaac’s mother AT ALL! The events leading up to the big day made me laugh but also made me angry at some of the characters. Rossi nails the stress of wedding planning and future in-laws. As with the first book, multiple characters narrate the book which gives readers more insight to their personalities.

I enjoyed the way the writer wrote in both books. It was like the characters were casually talking to me over coffee about how they came to fall in love and all the hilarious and at times, painful and frustrating events leading up to their wedding. I was quite sad to tell them good-bye. And, Rossi gave us one more little surprise, a sneak peek into the story of Melodie’s parents, Agatha and Stephen. I cannot wait to read that one!!!!

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