Reigning Hearts: The Complete Series (Books 1-5) by KG Fletcher – Review by Michelle Austin

Reigning Hearts: The Complete Series (Books 1-5)Reigning Hearts: The Complete Series by K.G. Fletcher
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Reigning Hearts: The Complete Series (Books 1-5) by K.G. Fletcher
This is a great collection of stand alone reads. They all will pull you right in.

Run to the Sea (1)
This is a great emotional 2nd chance romance.
This is Thomas (Cappy) and Emeline’s (Em) story. These two grew up as best friends until college got in the way and Thomas left, causing them to lose touch. When he returns home after his grandfather’s passing he sees Em.

Em is surprised to see Cappy after so many years. Seeing each other has caused some old feelings to rise. Em is now a painter and does some beautiful work. The more time they spend reminiscing the closer they get. Can these two possibly reconnect and have something?

I really loved this story, my emotions were all over the place. There are some twists and turns as they go through the memories. Cappy was great, he was super sweet and a very sensitive man, he was feeling guilty for not staying in touch with his grandfather. Em was beautiful and talented. You could feel their connection coming right off the pages.

Stars fall from the sky (2)
My emotions were all over the place during this read, laughing, crying, sobbing mess. This is Ginger and Jonathan’s story. Both of them have tragic pasts that they are trying to move forward from. My heart absolutely broke for Ginger, I was emotionally drained. Ginger has her best friend’s wedding that brings her close to what changed her whole life, the ocean. This is where she meets Jonathan. They start out as friends but soon feelings start to develop.

Can Ginger ever be happy again? Can a person have more than one soul mate?

Both characters were great although Jonathan frustrated me at times, he was so stubborn. You can’t help but be captivated by their story. These two helped each other heal and we get a HEA. There is so much more to this great read, you will love it.

A Sun So Bright (3):
It’s New Years eve and Fiona is at a party with her best friend Petra and her husband. She is the only one alone and finds herself thinking about her father and the one that got away. Petra has set Fiona up in the past which turned out to be a disaster so she refuses to let her do it again. Coming into a lot of money, men are intimidated by her.

Where was her forever when she needed him most?

When she finds a seat in the hotel bar she meets a bartender that happens to recognize her from another evening that she is trying to forget. Chris remembers Fiona and is glad to see her again, she is beautiful. When she invites him back to her place he is surprised, at what Fiona offers him, pretend to be her boyfriend. Needing the money he accepts.

Can they convince everyone they are a couple? Will they be able to keep their hearts out of it?

Overall I really enjoyed this story, both Fiona and Chris have a connection when it comes to their fathers. Fiona is the classic spoiled rich princess, but Chris is exactly what she needed to ground her. There were some twists and turns and emotional moments. Their story really pulled me in and I didn’t want to stop until I was done. The ending was perfect, I loved it.

I’ll See You Again (4):
I was excited to get Nicky’s story. Nicky is a wedding planner and Mac (Reid) is a famous rockstar. When these two meet there are instant sparks and the chemistry comes right off the pages. Mac invites Nicky to New York for the band’s world tour kick off. When things take a twist
and Nicky finds herself in the headlines

Will the headlines cause Mac to leave Nicky or will Mac lose NIcky?

Overall I really enjoyed this read. We get some steamy moments and the bantering was great. All of the secondary characters were great, it was like a reunion with some of them. This book can be read as a stand alone. Rock star romance is one of my favorite genres, I really enjoyed this book and this series.

A Cold Creek Christmas (5):
Boy the description wasn’t kidding when it said that Amber hates Christmas. You definitely find that out within the first few pages. She has a pub in a small town that celebrates Christmas every year. She opens up her ovens to a good friend that needed to finish her gingerbread house. This is where Amber meets Giovanni, and lets just say the sparks flew instantly.

Giovanni has moved to town with his daughter to take over his grandmother’s business. When he meets Amber he is instantly attracted to her. When his grandmother shares Amber’s story he can’t help but want to open his heart and home up to her.

Will they get a Christmas miracle and a HEA?

Overall I really enjoyed this read, my emotions were all over the place. The author does a great job of pulling you in with her writing. All of the characters added a great element to the story.

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