The Curse of a Faeblood by MK Lorber

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The Curse of a Faeblood by MK Lorber
Genre – FAE, Romance
Page Count – 444
Cover Designer – Bianca Bordianu

An orphaned Faeblood raised in isolation, all Ember wants is to fulfill her childhood wish of finding others who share her gift, her curse. But when forced on the run after the murder of her mother, she struggles to survive without the only family shes ever known. 

In the harsh territories, life favors those with strong bodies able to fulfill the annual tithe — men like Gavyn, elite fighter and head trainer. As the right hand to the villages cunning leader, he earns a hardened reputation creating a brotherhood hell defend to the death. 

At first glance, the Kingdom of Morvak seems like a prosperous mountain realm. But the greedy ruling Faeblood are in a constant fervor to assert their control over the human populace. For generations, the divide between the peasant class and the magical nobility has been absolute. 

Until a Faeblood emerges outside the Castle walls and threatens the delicate balance of power. 

As Ember and Gavyn risk their lives to save their loved ones, they must decide if embracing the passion smoldering between them is worth the heartache it brings to their found family. 


Perfect for those who crave spice in their adventures, The Curse of a Faeblood is Gavyn and Embers story — featuring a grumpy hero, a sunshiny heroine, and a steamy happily-ever-after.


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MK is the leading authority on nothing. Nada. Zip, zero, zilch. 

A healthcare worker by day and an introvert by night, MK escapes the daily grind though romance novels and youth sports. When she’s not writing or working or drinking too much coffee, MK is loosely parenting her four kids (who are convinced she was put on this earth to embarrass them), her two fluffy pups, and one giant moose-cat. The rest of the time she is trying to convince her other half that they need goats. And chickens. MK lives in the armpit of the Midwest with her partner-in-crime and their crazy circus.

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