Taming of the Few (Guardians of the PHAE Book 1) by Rowan Dillon – Review by Lisa Helmick

Taming of the FewTaming of the Few by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story started off great! It’s very interesting learning about the various people and their gifts. But as the story moved along I found myself losing interest in the characters and the story. History and political/religious themes seemed to take over as people seemed to take a backseat. While I loved all the details of the characters I really only felt connected to or cared about Max, Anna and Brendan plus Róisín. They got the most page time and I was always anxious to get back to them to see how they were doing. I appreciate the author not inundating us with names and characters right off the bat. Being too slow to introduce can be an issue too.

Overall I think this is an okay story.

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