The Last Cabin Girl (Detective Josie Thompson Series) by Tom Swyers – Review by Jordan Allen

The Last Cabin Girl: A totally gripping thriller full of twistsThe Last Cabin Girl: A totally gripping thriller full of twists by Tom Swyers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Last Cabin Girl follows Josie as she is in the process of filing for divorce from her abusive husband. She has secluded herself in a cabin with enough bad energy to keep her husband away from her and her children. While she fights for the end of her marriage, she watches as the coronavirus works its way across the ocean to America. That won’t be the only thing that fills her with terror once a body is discovered on her property. Every single bit of evidence points to Josie being the murderer.

This book is different from anything I have read before. It had action, betrayal, confusion, and twists that left my gaping. Josie is a very strong female character that works hard throughout the book for everything she wants in her life. She isn’t very likable but I’m not sure she was meant to be. She is someone I would avoid being friends with but that’s what makes her the perfect suspect.

My only drawback with the story was that it felt as though there was too much going on. I feel as though there was so much packed into the plot that at times the plots got completely lost. While the author did a fabulous job of tying up all the loose strings at the end, it felt as though there were too many strings. Personally, I didn’t feel as though it was realistic. With all that being said, I did enjoy it when I knew what was going on.

Overall it was a pretty easy read that took me on a rollercoaster. As far as being a thriller, it hit the mark completely!

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