Witch Switch (Bewitch Me Book 2) (in Midnight Magic Anthology) by Louisa Bacio – Review by Kerry Carr

Midnight MagicMidnight Magic by Gina Kincade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great collection of paranormal stores. The book I most enjoyed is Witch Switch by Lousia Bacio. This story was gripping from the first page. The characters were engaging and you really felt like you were on this journey with them.

In this story we follow Cheyenne and Rafe.
This couple long to be together, however there is 2 things keeping them apart. Firstly Rafe’s family don’t think Cheyenne is good enough for Rafe since she doesn’t want and rejects her magic. However the biggest thing is that Rafe is already promised to another Witch called Meredith.
Meredith is a very powerful Witch and very dangerous as she doesn’t use her magic for good. When Meredith finds out that Rafe doesn’t want to marry her she gets angry and goes for the one person he wants Cheyenne.
Now Cheyenne and Rafe need to find a way to stop Meredith before she can cause anymore harm. But when Cheyenne tries to reach her magic she can’t make it work.
Has her magic deserted her after she rejected it? Will Cheyenne be able to defeat Meredith even with her magic? And what lengths will Meredith go to to stop Rafe being with the woman he really loves.
This is a romance with a twist of a lover scorned and magic thrown into the mix.

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