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Queen of Hearts (Heels, Rhymes & Nursery Crimes Vol. 21) by Natalina Reis
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3lnmQSt
Genre – Fantasy, Romance
Page Count – 168
Cover Designer – RM GraphX

The King of Hearts

Called on the tarts,

And beat the Queen full sore;

The Queen of Hearts

Nearly fell apart

But vowed she’d be beaten no more. 

The Queen of Hearts,

She played her cards,

While poisoning the wine away;

And fed it to every King of Hearts

Who enjoyed chasing

Their queens like prey. 

Losing the game of Stolen Hearts is how she gets them to play: the cads, the wife-beaters, the white-slavers. Predators turned into easy prey. It’s no accident that she’s known as the Queen of Hearts by most males in town and she won’t rest until they all pay for their crimes.

Welcome to Nursery Crimes, where tales are twisted and happily ever afters are not always guaranteed….

Queen of Hearts is the story of a victim turned avenger of all women suffering under the rule of a cruel and unfair patriarchic society–and the unexpected love that finds her.

The success of her mission and her own safety now rides on her new partner, but while she trusts him in her quest for justice, trusting him with her heart is a whole other story.

Bound by a common goal and their love for each other, they will either put an end to the crimes against women in town or die trying.


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