No Pistol Tastes the Same (PTSD Disaster Book 1) by Jacob Paul Patchen – Review by Katie Turner

No Pistol Tastes the SameNo Pistol Tastes the Same by Jacob Paul Patchen
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No Pistol Tastes the Same by Jacob Paul Patchen is a story about JP Grimm, a U.S. Marine Sergeant who goes to war and comes back plagued with nightmares of what he witnessed and what he wished he’d done differently. All he can think about is getting home to his family, but once he does and some time passes, he starts showing signs of PTSD that rapidly progress and he does not know how to process it or let anyone help him. Although his beautiful wife, Lisa, is supportive and hurts for him as she watches him spiral, she becomes terrified of what he might accidentally do and has to make difficult choices to keep their 7 year old son safe while her husband unravels into the depths of his terrors.

This book reminded me how easily we take for granted that we have brave men and women, most who are strangers to us, who are willing to sacrifice literally everything to fight for our entire country’s freedoms. I know firsthand it is not that easy for them to come home and slip back into normal routine with society, if they ever even can. This author captured these truths so well in a way that was equally heartbreaking and beautiful. The writing and details were absolutely phenomenal and thought-provoking. I love the direction this story took towards the last several chapters, and look forward to reading the next book after reading the sample provided. I absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to experience what many of our servicemen and servicewomen endure, away from home and when they return. To anyone who does live with PTSD but is considering reading this story, take it slow as PTSD is a main theme here and is quite detailed. Still, a great read!

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