Pilot Who Knows The Waters (The Lord Hani Mysteries book 6) by N. L. Holmes – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Pilot Who Knows the Waters (Lord Hani, #6)Pilot Who Knows the Waters by N.L. Holmes
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Lord Hani returns in this his final mission for the royal household and this may just be his most difficult yet, he has been summoned before Queen Meryet-amen to discuss her plans to find a Hittite groom to rule on the throne beside her once the she-king has passed on, she has hopes that she can rule instead of the current she-king’s son, Prince Tut-ankh-aten. There is however, strong opposition from Lord Ay who is wanting his grandson on the throne, no matter what the cost to the rest of the Two Lands, this leads Lord Hani to conduct his mission in secret and hope that Lord Ay doesn’t find out, or that if he doesn’t, that it is too late for him to do anything about the situation.

As he is about to set off, Lord Hani receives word that a local artisan has been killed and it looks like it could be murder, but because he has had the go ahead to travel to the land of the Hittite people, he cannot investigate it himself until he returns. It is a long way to travel and weeks pass on boats and on land with the gifts and the delegation sent along with them from the Queen, but thankfully, the trip goes well and Lord Hani requests the correct permissions with grace and diplomacy which aids his cause and the furtherment of the Queens plans.

When they arrive at the capital of the Hittite kingdom, they are astonished and the size and the manner in which it has been built, so when Lord Hani is brought to have the requested audience with the King and Queen, he is not shocked by the grandeur of the receiving room, only the reaction of the royals. As negotiations progress, Lord Hani is doing his best to convince them that this request is serious and legal and it takes all his finesse to be able to carry it off, however, there are conditions and when he receives correspondence from home, he is hoping that he is doing the right thing after all.

Will Lord Hani be able to convince the Hittite King and Queen that the Queen of the Two Lands is finally wanting an alliance, or will the threat of civil war in him homeland threaten all he has worked for and place himself and his family in more danger than ever before? This is a historical mystery which is full of tension, emotion and negotiations and the future of two countries lies in a delicate balance where one person could tip the scales between disaster and success in this story which will sweep you on a tide of intrigue and keep you hooked throughout, until the final conclusion of this series.

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