The Mermaid and the Ice Cube Necklace (Mermaid Science) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Mermaid and the Ice Cube NecklaceMermaid and the Ice Cube Necklace by Lois Wickstrom
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The Mermaid and ice cube Necklace is another book in the Mermaid Science series. It is a cute book for elementary school age children. The pictures all all very colorful. My son was thrown off by the names, as they are not common names, wondering who was who. I like the scientific explanations at the end. But I feel are a little more complex than the book… making it not as suitable for young ages. My 6 year old doesn’t understand what molecules are or comprehend density… but I do like how the book can be paired with an elementary lesson on solid/liquid/gas etc.
We tried the ice cube beads and it didn’t work, to my sons disappointment. Maybe his breath wasn’t hot enough. However it was a cute idea and I like how it explained the why/how behind it all. A little bit of learning and science while having fun and reading is always a win for me.

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