Vive la Resistance (Donovan Trait Book 3) by Seelie Kay – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Vive la ResistanceVive la Resistance by Seelie Kay
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Vive la Resistance is Book 3 in the Donovan Trait Series. The story continues with Donovan Trait, a vampire lawyer, and his chemically turned vampire turned wife Shirley Magnusen Trait, a judge. Donovan and Shirley are in hiding after being targeted by the Vampire Coalition. When Shirley became pregnant with twins the Vampire Coalition wanted the babies surrendered to them. When Donovan and Shirley refused to do so the Vampire Coalition ordered them dead.

As the Traits start to unravel centuries worth of cruelty, discrimination and lies about half-bloods and Weres by the Vampire Nation the Coalition continues their reign of terror. The worst lie of all was the Great Lie and the ensuing coverup that made all female vampires infertile and unable to have children. The Vampire Coalition has chosen all out war against all half bloods and Weres and are going to great lengths to kill anyone that might not be full blood vampire. To the Coalition it no longer matters if a human is killed in the process.

Millions of half bloods emerge from all over the world, ready to take a stand against the Vampire Nation for centuries worth of injustice and cruelty towards them by the Vampire Nation. Battles fought must be done in a way that does not draw attention to them in the human world.

Shirley and Donovan want the best life possible for their children and that involves living in a world where they are free. Rather than stand in the shadows and allow others to fight the war for them, the Traits choose to come out of hiding and make the ultimate sacrifice. They put their own lives on the line in a battle that will be impossible to win.

This book was well written and built up the suspense of the first two books. I admired the bravery of the Trait Family as they stood together as a family in the face of danger. They risked their own lives to save all half bloods and Weres from genocide called on by the Vampire Coalition. It was a risk they were willing to take to give not only their children a better life, but to create freedom and better lives for all vampires, half bloods and Weres. A must read! I highly recommend!

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