Castor’s Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars Book 2) by Tai James – Review by Kerry Carr

Castor's Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars # 2)Castor’s Kiss by Tai James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this sci-fi romance. The author does an amazing job with her characters making you feel every emotion and wanting them to succeed. The world building is great too transporting the reader to a different planet where violence is the normal and people’s lives are dispensable. This book is full of twists and turns and I like how the author allows the romance to develop at a slow place which makes sense of the level of distrust out characters have because of their situations.

To begin with we meet Mia. She was captured and enslaved by Throl who has her fight everyday for her life. She is the best fighter is has and makes him a lot of money so he has not intention of letting her go. Mia thinks she is on her own with her old crew missing and she assumes dead. However things change when Castor shows up.
Castor is sent to secure Mia’s freedom but that plan goes wrong when he finds himself entangled in Mia’s world also captured and now her fighting partner.
Will they be able to trust each other enough to be able to survive the battles they need to face? Will they eventually be allowed to go free? Will their growing feelings make them stronger or be used as a weakness against them?

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