Antipodes (Antipodes Book 1) by T.S. Simons – Review by Lauren West

Antipodes (Antipodes, #1)Antipodes by T.S. Simons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dystopian books are a new genre to me and they really take you outside box. The what if questions and the routes that can be taken make these reads the most fun.
Antipodes was a really good story that most can relate to having lived through a pandemic. The characters were well developed and easy to relate to. The authors detailing and vivid descriptions played to my imagination as if I were directly in the moment with the characters. Cam was a great lead character. You feel for him having to make these life altering decisions and leaving everything and everyone he loves behind. As he adjusts to the new life he has chosen he does find stability, friendship, love, and a sense of self. However with the good you take the bad, and Cam finds himself under circumstances yet again where he has to be all in or all out.

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