Castor’s Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars Book 2) by Tai James – Review by Alexandria Richard

Castor's Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars # 2)Castor’s Kiss by Tai James
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4.25 rounded up.

I have to say alien romance was not a thing I thought I’d like but I’ve read a few recently where I was pleasantly surprised. Happy to have dipped my toe into this romance trope recently.

I really enjoyed the enemies to lovers aspect of this book and the way the main characters fought their attraction to each other. As this is sci-fi based I did give the insta-connection a bit of leeway that I wouldn’t have normally enjoyed in a romance, but there were times I did think the connection overriding what the characters wanted and would normally do took it a little too far.

I did love the “trials” aspect that we see here. I thought the fighting was very well done. Not sure how realistic it was for a woman with a description of being around 5 foot to be beating all these preternaturally strong foes, but again, sci-fi; we do what we want.

I overall enjoyed the romance aspect. I didn’t think it was too over the top or that the intimacy was forced. I think both characters came with their own baggage about relationships and making connections, and despite their “soulmate” attraction to one another pushing them to be together they did it on their own terms.

Did not read book 1 and this book does mention quite a bit of stuff about the background of the main characters from book 1, so highly recommend reading it, but I thought the author did a good job sussing out the information here so as to make it enough of a standalone. Obviously easter eggs though as it gives away a lot of information, especially Castor (talkative bugger).

Recommend this for normal alien romance readers and newbies to the trope alike!

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